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The problem

Our local ecosystem is being degraded by climate change and human actions.

Desertification is a growing problem in Mediterranean Europe, including the southwestern Algarve of Portugal, where arid and semi-arid regions are becoming increasingly vulnerable to and affected by soil degradation and loss of vegetation cover. Climate change, combined with unsustainable land use practices such as overgrazing, deforestation, intensive agriculture, and urban sprawl, is making the problem worse. Desertification has serious ecological, economic, and social consequences, including loss of biodiversity, reduced water availability and food security, and increased poverty and human migration.

Mud Valley Institute engages in a variety of regenerative education activities to reduce the impact of climate change and human action in our local bioregion.

What we offer

Our work enables critical benefits.

Tangible Soil Quality, Water Availability, and Biodiversity Improvement

Ecosystem Regeneration Research, Education, and Training

A Hub for Knowledge Sharing Among Land Stewards and Bioregions

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